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We mostly like to listen. A shout out to some of the voices in Clubhouse who have wowed us with their expertise, educated us, inspired us with their humanity, encouraged us, entertained us, invested their time with us, carried us along with their energy and dropped their wisdom on us: @yodchatri @fdestin, @sohailkhan @itachee @simonsquibb @nettra @techwithx  @marcoable  @jennifercheng @steepdecline @davidboulton @alpeshp @srijani.c @farazm @rajankasetty @john_lee @kalpatel @charlescjohnson @mchammeroaktown @kimdotcom @jasuja @themcbureau @quantumentangld @foundersspaace @callawayjones @ge @irenelee @26left @johnwritlarge @timmotheus @paulsingh @beta @paulark @heyroyz @kaixr @jungtangbiotech @davidsrose @samanthabrown @robmoore @juntangbiotech If you’re starting out on Clubhouse, follow them, for a richer experience and a richer life.

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Welcome to our community from Clubhouse!

Meet the Humans behind future Unicorns and Centaurs, here.

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The April Demo Days programme:

We’ve arranged the programme in line with our priorities – Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic founders; Female Leadership; businesses leading the drive to Green and Sustainable; businesses with UK SEIS and EIS advance approval; by sector; and finally, by geography.

Please join our host, Catherine McQueen

Catherine McQueen

Wednesday 28th April at 3pm BST: Black, Asian & Minority Ethnics founders

Us – Li, Benny & Piyawan Li Benny Piyawan

Talent is distributed evenly, opportunity isn’t. The structural inefficiencies of the early-stage start-up system mean that many viable businesses don’t get funded – too few overall, and often the wrong ones. We’re here to make it more fair and more efficient, for better human and economic outcomes. We’ve built our SaaS platform & search engine on top of our global venture video database to connect pre-seed/ seed-stage founders with relevant investors, with a particular emphasis on BAME, female founders, green & sustainable, and impact businesses. You may think of our platform as “Netflix for pitch video”, helping investors to discover and evaluate the humans behind the business. We’re embarking on addressing some real problems: helping investors find the deals that meet their criteria, rather than just the deals that cross their desks; information/opportunity overload for investors, driven by digital transformation of start-up pitching; visibility challenge for founders in a crowded market; unconscious bias in investor deal curation; and absence of social capital amongst underestimated founders.

We’re a team of three, two men/one woman, incorporated in England and operating out of London. We’re getting ready to raise our own seed round. Our “moonshot” is 100x for our seed investors, by embracing some key megatrends: digital transformation in founder-investor engagement; flattening of the earth; support for under-estimated founders through diversity, equality, inclusivity; impact and greentech/cleantech. It’s SEIS/EIS approved for UK investors. for more information.