The 99 initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility meets Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity - right here.

The 99 Initiative – working together with our Institutional & Corporate Supporters & Partners

Globally, around a million companies seek VC funding each year but more than 99% of deals are rejected by any given VC, so founders have to reach a lot of investors before they finally secure funding. The devil in the detail is that the 1% that make it through are, for the most part, male, white and with a university education.

This means that the 99% is positively brimming with other-thinkers, drop-outs, minority ethnicities, women, and other diverse communities.

Offering their support for the early-stage ecosystem, when a proposition isn’t a good fit for their fund, the following Fantastic VC’s, accelerators and professional associations have committed to help the founders who make up The 99 to quickly and efficiently reach the widest segment of the funding market by directing those founders to Pitchflix. When founders choose to showcase their pitch here, they can be discovered by the wider investor audience, through our powerful search engine.

Will your firm join The 99, to make the early-stage funding ecosystem work more efficiently and more fairly, for everyone? Contact us here.

Committed Capital
We are specialists in growth stage venture capital. We have been investing for more than two decades in the UK’s most promising high growth technology companies. Our investee companies typically have excellent technical solutions to pressing issues in a substantial addressable market. Applying these solutions systematically gives our companies a high probability of rapid growth and a successful exit. Our mission is to support post revenue (over £1m) investee companies through applying and sharing the expertise our team has of founding, building, internationalising, and exiting companies. We work with companies by committing capital to provide growth funding, and actively supporting them in areas such as corporate governance, marketing and sales strategies, financial modelling, and making strategic B2B introductions.
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