DemoDay HQ - London, Level39. DemoDay HQ - Hong Kong, Eaton Club.

Do your demo days deliver, for the start-ups in your cohort? We know how hard it can be, to encourage investors to travel to demo days in the regions.

So, bring your cohort to where the investors are: xx% of all capital invested in 2023 was in London and the South-east.

Demo Day as a Service, our “White Glove” option

Canary Wharf's Level 39, London's iconic melting pot of innovators, industry experts and ambitious entrepreneurs, has been a magnet for investors for more than ten years. Hong Kong's Eaton Club sits in Central, the beating heart of this Asia-Pacific start-up and finance hub.

DemoDay HQ at L39 in London and Eaton Club in Hong Kong, powered by Pitchflix, can host your next demo day, delivering all aspects from production logistics to hospitality to 4k live streaming, and of course the paramount aspect: convening the most relevant investors for your sectors and stages of your cohort.

Budget constraints?

If you're producing your own demo day, ask us about bringing our investment network to you, via live stream. Our tech and workflow solution enables us to capture your demo day wherever you are in the world, to stream to our investor network, without the need for a production team to physically attend your venue.

This makes it economic & efficient - and leaves no carbon footprint. We can manage this fully for you, or alternatively you may wish to consider our "D-I-Y" option - we'll help you (at no cost!) to produce a live stream so you can provide this to your investor network/contacts and boost the reach of your demo day.