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Protecting your personal data: Privacy Policy

This statement of our privacy policy and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) applies to the relationship between you as a subscriber to our services and us, as Data Controllers at Pitchflix Ltd (“the company”) operating from the registered office address at 138 Ontario Point London SE16 7EF.

Member, Client, or Audience categories:

You may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • a High Net Worth individual or Sophisticated Investor;
  • a syndicate of investors;
  • a professional or corporate investor, or professional adviser;
  • a privately-held company seeking investment;
  • a business partner or client such as an event host like an incubator or accelerator, providing a forum for investors and companies to meet; or a sponsor, contributing to the costs of hosting such events.

The commercial purpose of the company is to provide information, education and insights and to facilitate information exchange between companies and investors, which in turn drives investment, innovation, progress, and economic growth and may create a source of revenues for the company. In order to do this, although we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (and we do not give advice, information or promote ourselves to individual retail investors) we must first collect information from you via the registration pages on our websites in order to ensure compliance with Financial Conduct Authority rules, by categorising you as HNW, Sophisticated or Professional (if you are an investor); or as an Entrepreneur (if you are seeking investment); or otherwise as a professional investor or adviser. This information is held indefinitely in order that we are able to demonstrate regulatory compliance at any future date. In addition we may use these data in a non-attributable manner, for the purpose of research.

We use the information we have collected, to provide our services to you which includes: informing you by email about, and inviting you to participate as audience in, our current and evolving live and on-demand video content; analysing attendance, in order that we can connect fundraising companies to interested investors such as yourself where appropriate, as well as to provide supporting evidence of a return on investment in the case where we have been contracted by a partner, sponsor or client, to provide live or on-demand TV coverage of a partner or client event.

The information that we collect and store comprises:

For all registrants: Date and time of registration and version of agreement electronically executed, as well as the IP address of the device used for registration; date, time and duration of all visits to the websites.

For entrepreneurs: Name, company name, email, address, professional designations, profession or job title, phone number, Linkedin profile, how you heard of us.

If you elect, as an entrepreneur, to proceed to submit your company information we will collect further information from you (as conventionally found in a business plan and pitch deck). In addition you will provide us with a video recording, for the purpose of on-demand distribution to an audience which may be located anywhere in the world. We and or you may attach information to this video to enable search. By providing or permitting video recording you explicitly agree to its storage, and distribution. You further agree that we may share this content with our partners, in various formats.

We collaborate with two partners for the storage and distribution of video content: Vimeo, Inc. 555 West 18th Street New York, New York 10011; and Fraim (The Panama Bureau Ltd, trading as Fraim), 22 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD. However it is the nature of these services that the data may be stored and distributed from many internationally located servers, depending on the location of the subscriber audience.

For individual sophisticated or High Net Worth investors: Name, email, address, phone number, linkedin profile, how you heard of us.

For professional investors (such as VC firms, Fund Managers, Private Equity firms, Family Offices, corporate investors) or professional advisors: company name, address, phone number, name, corporate email, nature of firm, how you heard of us.

The information is hosted for us, in the UK, by Layershift Limited, company number 6036217, whose registered office is at Delta House, Wavell Road, Manchester M225QZ.

Note that if any of the companies are subject to a transaction such as sale or merger, your data may be disclosed to the counterparty as well as advisers. In this event we will take reasonable care to ensure that the recipients are obligated to treat it securely.

If you have any questions about this statement or your personal information that we may collect from you, or wish to enquire about erasure, access to or correction of your data, please contact us at

If we make any changes to this Privacy Policy these changes will be detailed on this page in order to ensure that you are fully aware of what information is collected, how it is used and under what circumstances it will be disclosed. These Privacy Terms fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales


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We do not automatically capture or store personal data from browsers to the sites, other than to log your IP address and session information such as the duration of the visit to our site and the nature of the browser used. This information is used only for administration of the site system and in the compilation of statistics used by us.

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