In a typical year in the UK, 600,000 new businesses are incorporated.

Around 6% – 36,000 – seek equity funding. Only around 700 are successful.

(source: Smith & Williamson).

There may be lots of reasons why a businesses doesn’t successfully raise money, but failure to connect with appropriate investors shouldn’t be one of them.

Our mission is simple:

To put more great companies in the room with potential investors, to improve the chances of a successful fundraise; and to empower investors to find the best investment opportunities.

As a founder, you need to be pitching to the world.

Not just to the investors in the room. Pitchflix and our partners, get you in front of thousands more.

As an investor, you need to be finding the best deals out there.

Is what you’ve seen, the best – or is there another team out there addressing the same problem, with six months head start & better funded? Or, did another company try, and fail, six months ago?