Live stream your Demo Day, with PitchCast

Thinking about a return to physical audiences, for your next Demo Day?

When you’re ready, we’re ready!  Live stream your Demo Day, anywhere in the world, with PitchCast

What is PitchCast?

When the world emerges again from isolation and physical events are making a return, we want to help make your event go the extra mile by combining the best of both worlds for you.

PitchCast is the new live stream service provided by Pitchflix. We can produce a live stream of your physical event with up to three cameras, using optimised lighting and audio; then distribute your live event to our global VC, CVC, angel, Family Office, and your virtual audiences.


Fast to manage, easy to scale

We will guide you through simple one-time planning and organisation of your event space with the required hardware. This process connects you to our software and provides you with the understanding needed to run our easy-to-manage set-up during the event.

What’s more, the stream sits behind our registration wall and is only available to registered HNW, sophisticated and professional investors, to comply with regulatory requirements.

Grow faster with every event

Pitchflix maximises the pitch’s potential.

Audience registration before the event means we can keep track of, and provide a report on, audience attendance statistics and produce a pitch segment for each founder for use on their website. Combined with you and your cohort companies’ digital marketing about the event, provides insight into whom in the attending audience is interested.

Going beyond the event, we can upload and transcribe the recordings, delivering them as searchable, on-demand to our investor audience, who can then contact the founders directly. We don’t levy any introduction or success fees.

A new way

When the world returns to normal, and you are once again hosting physical events, let us know. We’ll produce a live stream for you to broadcast to our investors, free of charge.