From our first episode of rev in April 2023:

– In numbers:

Our promotional/marketing spend: £0.0
Registrants: 176
Venue capacity: 55
Attended on the day: 76
VC’s pitching: 11
Gender (im)balance: 84% male
Founder average team size: 10
From London: almost 100%
Funding rounds underway: 32%
Imminently starting to raise: 29%
Starting a round within 3m: 14%
Starting a round within 6m: 9%
Raising on average of: £1.15mn

- In words:

Fifteen blistering reverse pitches from leading and emerging VC’s to an audience of founders eager to hear where – and where not – to focus their fundraising time and effort. Pitching to VC’s takes a chunk of time and loads of energy, and every rejection takes a little chip out of the soul, so as an entrepreneur you’d better be pitching to the right investors. rev is where founders discover not just the VC’s whose investment thesis is aligned but where chemistry and personality resonate.

The VC’s who presented help us to deliver rev’s mission, to reduce the friction in fostering productive, constructive dialogue between founders and funders and save the world from spray and pray. Their reward? The first call for the most exciting deals, and fewer mis-aligned pitches in their pipeline, with all the associated costs of curation.

If you’re a founder about to start a fundraise or a VC keen to showcase your firm’s proposition register now for rev July 18th 2023 at Level 39, Canary Wharf. It’s free.

And, if you want to listen to see the VC pitches that you missed, head over to, where you’ll find Aquis Exchange, Praetura Ventures, Committed Capital and others already available, on-demand. That’s free, too.

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