A founder’s perspective: The Power of Reverse Pitching Events

In the dynamic landscape of business and innovation, where startups and entrepreneurs traditionally seek investors and partners through pitch events and networking, a novel concept has emerged: reverse pitching events. These events are turning the traditional model on its head, with established companies and corporations presenting challenges to a diverse group of innovators, startups, and problem solvers. In this article, we’ll explore the growing trend of reverse pitching events and their profound impact on innovation ecosystems.

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to a reverse pitching event, where the traditional dynamics of networking and innovation were turned on their head. It was an incredible experience, and I had the opportunity to meet some truly fascinating individuals. – Ash Chawla, CEO Marylebone Design Collectif

The event, hosted by Pitchflix , brought together a diverse group of investors, startups, and industry leaders. Here is list of industry leaders passionate about helping founders making their dreams a reality.

  1. Shane Smith – CEO – Pitchflix Pitchflix’s mission is nothing short of transformative, and it’s refreshing to see a platform with such a clear and ambitious goal. As a founder, I resonate deeply with the notion that pitching should extend beyond the confines of a boardroom or a meeting with a select group of investors. Investors, too, benefit immensely from Pitchflix’s mission. The platform encourages them to think beyond the conventional, challenging them to seek out the most promising opportunities. The questions posed—Is what you’ve seen truly the best? Are there other teams out there with a head start and better funding? Did another company attempt this, and what can we learn from their experiences?—are thought-provoking and align perfectly with the fast-paced, dynamic world of investment.
  2. Daniel Sawko – CEO & Co-founder – shipshape.vc Daniel has a passion for nurturing startups. Shipshape VC does what Crunchbase can’t do – finds the individual VCs that look for investments in your space.
  3. Agis Karzis-Anastasiou – Legal & Regulatory Director – Aquis Stock Exchange Aquis Stock Exchange is a innovative exchange for non IPO companies that functions as both a primary and secondary market for equity and debt securities, with a distinct focus on serving growth enterprises. The exchange is dedicated to powering the companies of the future, providing them with a growth channel that spans from startup inception to scalable expansion and beyond.
  4. Vasily Alekseenko – Founder – The London Startup Scene Vasily’s dedication to the London startup ecosystem is commendable. His platform, London Startup Scene, connects entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors, fostering collaboration and innovation in the city’s vibrant tech scene.
  5. Tania Rahman – Investment Manager – Praetura Ventures Tania is a savvy investment manager at Praetura VC, where she identifies and supports promising startups. Her ability to spot emerging trends and nurture early-stage companies is truly impressive.
  6. Jon Steinberg – Partner – Mountside Ventures Jon is a seasoned venture capitalist with a passion for helping startups scale. As a partner at Mountside VC, he brings a wealth of experience and a vast network to the table, making him a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.
  7. Puja Balachander , Head of the Venture Launchpad, Carbon13 Puja is at the forefront of the sustainable innovation movement. Her role at Carbon13 involves incubating and accelerating startups focused on creating a positive impact on the planet, a mission she pursues with unwavering dedication.
  8. Anthony Rose – CEO and Co-Founder – SeedLegals Anthony is a trailblazer in the legal tech industry. Seedlegals, the company he co-founded, has revolutionized the way startups handle legal processes, making them more accessible and streamlined. P.S, I myself use them for my startup !
  9. Andrew Sheffield – Associate – Playfair Andrew’s analytical skills and strategic thinking are assets in his role at Playfair, where he helps companies make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and drive growth. In his own words, they are looking founders with the ability to execute their ideas
  10. Chandila Fernando – Innovation and Growth – Innovate UK Chandila is a driving force behind innovation in the UK. His work at Innovate UK EDGE supports businesses in scaling and tapping into new markets, contributing to the country’s economic growth. P.S, Chandila, as my mentor has been instrumental in my startup
  11. Eva T. – Investment director – WHARTON ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Eva is an astute investment director, managing assets for Wharton Asset Management. Her financial acumen and portfolio management expertise have delivered impressive returns for her clients.
  12. Joshua Armistead-Wood – Associate – Sustainable Ventures Joshua is deeply committed to sustainability and impact investing. At Sustainable Ventures, he actively seeks out startups that have the potential to make a positive environmental and social impact. P.S, He is the new breed of young & talented investors and loves unique art pieces for his home.
  13. Manuel E. – Fintech investor at Outward VC Manuel is a forward-thinking fintech investor at Outward VC, where he identifies and supports disruptive fintech companies that are reshaping the financial landscape.
  14. Sami Osborn – Investment Associate – Bootstrap Europe Sami is an investment associate with a passion for supporting early-stage startups. At Bootstrap Europe, she plays a vital role in sourcing and nurturing promising ventures.
  15. Diana Florescu , CEO & Founder, mediaforgrowth (MFG) Diana is a visionary entrepreneur who has founded Mediaforgrowth, a company dedicated to helping businesses grow through digital marketing strategies. Her innovative approach has helped numerous clients thrive in the digital age.