Fantastic Beasts TV introduces free live streaming service for Demo Days

Live stream pitch events from anywhere, with PitchCast™

Before the pandemic, pitch events were mostly physical, fostering interaction and serendipity between founders and investors. COVID has changed the dynamics completely, forcing demo days to go virtual.  Many recording of those events are discoverable and searchable, on-demand, on the Fantastic Beasts TV platform – akin to Netflix for pitch videos.

Although the UK faces continued challenges in bringing people together, some green shoots have started to appear.  Demo Day or pitch event organisers like accelerators and angel syndicates are unlikely however to want to give up the virtual audiences they have garnered during the lock-down period.

The PitchCast solution from Fantastic Beasts TV allows organisers to deliver a hybrid of physical and live virtual audiences.  The technology allows for remote, professional production combining the ingest from up to three cameras at the pitch venue, to create a live stream for distribution to the organiser’s online audience and the Fantastic Beasts TV community of angels, VC, Family Offices and CVC, combined.

The service is free of charge.

Co-founder and CEO Jiahui Li commented:  “Digital transformation during the pandemic has been massively accelerated across all areas of society and the investment ecosystem is no exception.  Live virtual events are here to stay.  This brings tremendous benefits to both investors, who are able to access more and better deals; and founders, who are able to massively enhance the reach of their pitches to the national and international angel audience. We piloted PitchCast at We Work Labs, just before national lock-down earlier this year.  In the past six months the service offering has been perfected.”

“I would encourage any angel whose portfolio companies are pitching at a physical event, to make sure that the event takes advantage of PitchCast, too.”