Fantastic Beasts TV joins GenieShares‘ Social Impact platform

Fantastic Beasts TV has pledged 1%of its equity to support Trees for Cities, harnessing the mental and physical benefits of trees in our lives!

Fantastic Beasts TV is the global venture video database to connect pre-seed/ seed-stage founders with relevant investors, with a particular emphasis on BAME, female founders, green & sustainable, and impact businesses. Apart from contributing to the startup ecosystem, the team also aims to do their best to improve the environment, helping to tackle climate change. GenieShares is the perfect platform to deliver this goal.

Co-founder and CEO Jiahui Li commented: “I really appreciate Ben Brabyn organizing the fantastic Genie community, gathering all like-minded entrepreneurs together to grow their businesses, but at the same time, share success with people who have really little. We pledge 1% to Tree for Cities, which in my mind is a great way to reverse the damage we have done to the planet. We owe a great deal to the trees,  not just for the air we breathe but also for our psychological wellbeing – walking in the park and seeing the colours of trees changing are the most relaxing activities for me, especially during the lockdown.”

Ben Brabyn, former head of London’s premier Fintech accelerator L39 and founder of GenieShares, commented: “I’m thrilled to welcome our latest Genie, founder of Fantastic Beasts Jiahui Li, pledging his 1% to help Trees for Cities to bring the mental and physical benefits of trees into more of our lives!”

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