Fantastic Beasts TV to host a 48-hour global Demo Day pitch marathon

The team at Fantastic Beasts TV is proud to launch our April/May demo days event in our Clubhouse room in the PITCHGLOBAL.TV club, at 1 pm BST, on 26th of April.

300 currently fundraising companies (from 30+ countries and across 15 different sectors) will pitch, in line with our priorities embracing Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic founders; Female Leadership; businesses leading the drive to Green & Sustainable; businesses with UK SEIS & EIS advance assurance.

Jiahui Li, CEO of Fantastic Beasts TV, said: “It is really exciting to see the world’s leading video-first pitch platform come together with the world’s leading social audio platform. We‘ve always believed that for startups fundraising, the more eyes (or ears!) the better. So we are launching our 48 hours non-stop demo day on Clubhouse to really push underrepresented founders and green businesses to the front of the agenda for the Clubhouse investor audience.”

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