Pitchflix TV releases its internal research database on VC firms as Open Source

Epic U.R.™ expected to be the world’s deepest repository of video profiles, to support start-ups’ access to investment

Pitchflix, the video-centric global investor network, today announces that its in-house video profile database covering substantially all VC (venture capital) firms in the UK is now available for external access, to any founder. Dubbed the Epic Universe Research or “EpicUR”, Pitchflix believes it to be the most comprehensive such database in the world, delivering video profiles and commentary on the propositions of approximately 650 investment firms operating in the UK.

It is anticipated that the main users of the database will be seed to Series A founders seeking an efficient way to find guidance on the most appropriate investors to approach, for their specific proposition. Founders will be able to enter key criteria in the Pitchflix search engine, which will create a play list of the most suitable investors, together with a “tear-sheet”- a quick overview of the key attributes for each – at www.pitchflix.tv/ThisIsEpic

Cherry VC

Zemu VC

Pitchflix CEO Shane Smith commented: “Last year we partnered with the UK’s EIS Association to develop EPIC, which has been well received and has even spawned a popular monthly in-person reverse pitch series, “rev™”, that we’ve launched with support from Seedlegals, Praetura VC, Aquis Stock Exchange, Mountside VC, & Shipshape VC. As part of our VC outreach preparation for EPIC, we’ve been compiling information on the VC universe – and realised that it would be helpful for all parties to make this information open source.”

“That being said, our internally-produced commentary and research can certainly be improved upon, with authentic insights originated by the investors themselves. So, VC’s wishing to stand out with their own “reverse pitch” may of course do so and have their firm promoted from the Epic UR database to the EPIC database”.

“EPIC and EpicUR fill a particular intelligence vacuum in the VC-founder space, and provide a new perspective for founders which is a useful complement to other excellent free resources already available to founders, such as Shipshape.vc, Open VC, and Fundfinder.

Christiana Stewart-Lockhart, Director General of the EIS Association, commented: “Ensuring start-ups have access to investment is crucial and this is another important step in democratising this information for all founders across the whole of the UK.”

David Foreman, Managing Partner at Praetura Ventures, commented: “We’re committed to helping start-ups and entrepreneurs to access the networks and tools they need to scale and achieve their goals. The exposure gained through the EPIC Research Universe platform is a great first step for fund managers to make their information more widely accessible to founders, and a milestone for the start-up community, which is why we’re so supportive of the initiative.”


About Pitchflix.tv

Pitchflix is a video-centric platform supporting the early-stage startup ecosystem, internationally. The business combines live stream production and distribution from demo days around the world, easy search for on-demand pitches, and a network of institutional and angel investors who use the platform to easily discover and gain an understanding of start-ups which meet their investment criteria.

For start-up founders, Pitchflix provides a platform for clearer communication compared to a pitch deck on its own, driving better outcomes. Pitchflix has a particular focus on female, under-represented, and climate tech founders.

The 2022 launch of EPIC™ in collaboration with the UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) added a “reverse pitch” communication platform for investment funds to describe their propositions for founders, further breaking down friction and inefficiencies in the early stage funding ecosystem. The twin objectives were to provide founders with an insight into the personality and likely chemistry with the fund manager, whilst at the same time, the enhanced availability of richer information would help investors to receive fewer mis-aligned pitches in their pipeline – with attendant curation costs – and more pitches better aligned with their thesis or mandate.

In 2Q 23, Pitchflix introduced a monthly in-person event series, “rev”™, where the investors registered on its platform can pitch to an audience (physical and livestream) of investment-ready founders. In the first three episodes, some 50 investors have taken up the invitation and some 800 founders have registered to attend. rev will expand internationally in 4Q 23.

Pitchflix is headquartered in London and was founded in December 2019.

About Praetura Ventures

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The firm also has a Venture Partner programme – an innovative and collaborative initiative that is aimed at experienced, connected and successful individuals who have a desire to add value and potentially provide mentorship, advice, introductions and investment to the next generation of entrepreneurs. In just a few months, the firm has grown its Venture Partner base to 85+ members, typically C-suite level individuals. 
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