Spreading ideas : Pitchflix TV releases its internal research database on VC firms as Open Source

Pitchflix, the video-centric global investor network, today announces that its in-house video profile database covering substantially all VC firms in the UK is now available for external access, to any founder.

Paris, 1894.

Antoine Lumière travels to Paris for the exhibition of Thomas Edison and William Dickson’s Kinetoscope, a device for viewing film, often described as the first cinema projector.

Only issue: only one person at a time could watch a movie with the Kinetoscope, through one lens.

Antoine Lumière then wondered if it would be possible to design a device capable of projecting a film on a screen for an audience. Returning from Paris, Antoine encouraged his sons to begin work on a new invention.

A year later, the Lumière brothers created the cinematograph.

Cinema was born.

By organising the first film screenings, the Lumière brothers made moving pictures available for everyone. Their invention brought arts, entertainment, knowledge and contemplation to the world.

It’s with this is in Mind that Pitchflix was launched. The platform allows inspiring entrepreneurs to share their ideas, knowledge and advice, in order to inspire other and convince potential investors.

Sharing ideas to the world

Pitchflix is a video-centric platform supporting the early-stage startup ecosystem, internationally. The business combines live stream production and distribution from demo days around the world, easy search for on-demand pitches, and a network of institutional and angel investors who use the platform to easily discover and gain an understanding of start-ups which meet their investment criteria.

For start-up founders, Pitchflix provides a platform for clearer communication compared to a pitch deck on its own, driving better outcomes. Pitchflix has a particular focus on female, under-represented, and climate tech founders.

Today’s start-ups are the problem-solvers, innovators, employers and wealth creators of tomorrow, and Pitchflix wants to help them succeed. For embryonic companies, investors have little information to go on, except to identify outstanding founders, which is where all great success stories begin.

It starts with having more conversations, with more investors. Pitchflix is helping investors to identify the best solutions, the best investments. That begins with a conversation, informed by a pitch. The startup want to help those conversations to start, so that tomorrow’s Centaurs and Unicorns can get going, today.

An EPIC launch

The 2022 launch of EPIC™ in collaboration with the UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) adds a “reverse pitch” communication platform for investment funds to describe their propositions for founders, further breaking down friction and inefficiencies in the early stage funding ecosystem. The twin objectives were to provide founders with an insight into the personality and likely chemistry with the fund manager, whilst at the same time, the enhanced availability of richer information would help investors to receive fewer mis-aligned pitches in their pipeline – with attendant curation costs – and more pitches better aligned with their thesis or mandate.

Pitchflix today announces the Epic Universe Research or “EpicUR”. Pitchflix believes it to be the most comprehensive such database in the world, delivering video profiles and commentary on the propositions of approximately 650 investment firms operating in the UK. The in-house video profile database covering substantially all VC firms in the UK is now available for external access, to any founder.

It is expected to be the world’s deepest repository of video profiles, to support startups’ access to investment.

“EPIC and EpicUR fill a particular intelligence vacuum in the VC-founder space, and provide a new perspective for founders which is a useful complement to other excellent free resources already available to founders, such as Shipshape.vc, Open VC, and Fundfinder.” says Shane Smith, CEO of Pitchflix.