Stakeholderz, Untitled Ventures and Unicorn India Ventures join The 99

Fantastic Beasts TV is pleased to welcome three additional participants to our CSR initiative,  The 99 , this week.

Globally each year, around a million companies seek VC funding but more than 99% of deals are rejected by any given VC a key reason being that they aren’t a good fit for the fund mandate.  Consequently, founders have to reach a lot of investors before they finally secure funding.

Offering their support for the early-stage ecosystem, when a proposition isn’t a good fit for their fund, participants in The 99 have committed to help the founders to quickly and efficiently reach the widest segment of the funding market by directing those founders to Fantastic Beasts TV, where they can now be discovered by UKBAA members.

Co-founder and CEO Jiahui Li commented:  “We’re really pleased that our CSR initiative is being so warmly taken up by the community.  We’re in discussion with funds internationally who wish to join and with each new participant, our delivery of excellent, diverse pipeline of opportunities to angels and funds alike, becomes stronger and stronger”.

Untitled Ventures:
Unicorn India Ventures: